U.S. Supreme Court To Decide on Student Loan Forgiveness

LINCOLN–(KFOR Mar. 1)–Nebraska Attorney General Mike Hilgers feels confident in the arguments made Tuesday before the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of six states challenging President Biden’s plan to get rid of student loan debt for borrowers across the country.

“Is it congress or the administration that has the ability to spend a half a trillion dollars,” Hilgers said.

The Biden administration is being sued after the program was announced last year, alleging the education secretary had exceeded the authority granted to him under the Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act.

Nebraska is one of six states suing the Biden Administration saying the loan forgiveness plan is a violation of the president’s executive authority. Meanwhile, federal student payments are currently paused, but for borrowers who want to pay them back right now, there’s no interest.  Here in Nebraska, about 370,000 people could be impacted, but a decision is still months away.

Hilgers believes it could be late June or early July when the court will issue an order on the case.