Unemployment Rate In Nebraska Remains Unchanged For August 2023

LINCOLN–(KFOR Sept. 19)–Nebraska’s unemployment rate for August remains the same, seasonally adjusted at 2%, down from the 0.6 percentage points from August 2022, according to a report released Tuesday by the Nebraska Department of Labor.

“While the size of the labor force is steady over the year, the number of employed workers is up 6,191 over last August, and the number of unemployed workers is down 5,898,” said Commissioner of Labor John H. Albin.

Labor Force Summary for August 2023. (Courtesy of Nebraska Department of Labor)

Nonfarm employment, a count of filled jobs, was 1,041,468 in August, down 5,042 over the month and up 13,578 over the year.  The private industry with the most growth month to month was private education and health services  (up 190 jobs).  Private industries with the most over the year growth were leisure and hospitality services (up 4,353 jobs), private education and health services (up 3,790 jobs), and other services (up 3,176 jobs).

The national seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for August 2023 is 3.8 percent, up 0.3 percentage points from the July 2023 rate of 3.5 percent.  The rate is up 0.1 percentage points from the August 2022 rate of 3.7 percent.