Unknown Adult Tried to Enter an LPS Elementary School Friday Morning

LINCOLN–(KFOR Feb. 23)–Lincoln Public Schools says an unknown adult apparently tried getting into Saratoga Elementary School off of 13th and South shortly after 8am Friday, prompting the building to go into secure mode.

That means all doors were locked and watched while classes continued.

LPS says staff members blocked that person from getting inside and called police. Normal activities resumed around 8:30am. Saratoga parents received a letter from LPS and the principal, notifying them of the situation.  The letter is listed below.

Saratoga families,

We want to make you aware of an incident that occurred outside today at approximately 8:15. There is a chance your child is not aware anything happened. We want to prepare you in case they come home and express concerns.

An unknown adult attempted to enter our building through the front door at 8:15, and our staff immediately blocked them from entering and we used the Standard Response Protocol of Secure. A Secure means we keep all students and staff inside the building with doors locked and monitoring all entrances while teaching and learning continues inside. Our staff also contacted Lincoln Police for assistance in making contact with the individual. Lincoln Police did make contact with the individual and were able to quickly resolve the situation, getting them the support they needed. At no time did the adult make any threats or indicate a threat towards staff or students.

The Secure was lifted at 8:30, and we are returning to normal activities.

We appreciate the quick response by Lincoln Police and their assistance in keeping our students and staff safe. I’m very proud of our students remaining safe, respectful and responsible while we used our Standard Response Protocols. Please visit our website for more information about SRP.

School safety takes a community. If you or your child has a safety concern, please contact the school or report it through the green Safe to Say button on our website.

Please contact me if you have any questions.