A University of Nebraska-Lincoln sociology assistant professor was cited Tuesday for vandalizing U.S. Senator Deb Fischer’s office and Congressman Jeff Fortenberry’s political signs back in October.

Officer Angela Sands told KFOR News 38-year-old Patricia Wonch Hill was cited after she stuck googly-eyes on Fortenberry’s political signs and left Betsy Riot Stickers on the windows of Fischer’s office. Sands says fingerprint analysis led police to cite Wonch Hill, whose fingerprints were found at each location.

Wonch Hill was also cited in Virginia last year for vandalizing the home of an NRA lobbyist.

The Lincoln Police Department released a statement regarding the vandalism citation.

“We are fortunate to live in a country that not only allows free speech, but also encourages open dialogue between differing perspectives.  LPD is committed to fairly and impartially protecting all citizens’ right to free speech.  However, we will also hold accountable those who participate in unlawful behavior,” the press release stated.