A woman who advertises herself as a midwife is facing felony charges after a baby died following an attempted home delivery in North Omaha.

KFOR News media partner 10/11 Now reports 36-year-old Angela Hock, of Riverdale, faces charges of negligent child abuse resulting in death, a Class 2A felony.

Hock attempted to assist a pregnant woman deliver a breech baby on June 15 after the mother was in labor for 24 hours. Reports claim Hock attempted a procedure to turn the baby around during the delivery and paramedics were called.

The baby, delivered by paramedics while en route to a hospital, was limp and unresponsive, according to the criminal complaint. Resuscitation attempts were unsuccessful, and the baby was taken to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit upon arrival at the hospital. The child was placed on life support and survived two days before being pronounced deceased on June 17.

A warrant was issued for Hock’s arrest when it was determined by Nebraska Health and Human Services that she does not hold a medical or certified nurse-midwife license.

The mother told OPD investigators that she had signed an agreement for Hock’s midwife services and that she and her husband had paid Hock about $3,000-$4,000 for those services, the court documents state.

The Douglas County Attorney’s Office said Hock turned herself in and is expected to appear in court Friday.

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