Vehicle Taken In Hold Up Recovered By LPD

LINCOLN–(KFOR Mar. 9)–A reported robbery early Tuesday morning, where a vehicle was stolen and later found on Wednesday.

Lincoln Police Sgt. Chris Vollmer says officers were called early Tuesday to the area of 27th and “W” where an 18-year-old man told officers he was pulled from his car at gunpoint by two other males.

A break in the case came during the lunch hour on Wednesday.

Vollmer says officers were doing follow up work, they got a break in the case when they saw the victim’s vehicle at a service station near 1st and Cornhusker. A 17-year-old male was taken into custody and search of the teen found a suspected controlled pharmaceutical amphetamine in his pocket.

The teen was taken into the Youth Assessment Center for accessory to robbery and possession of controlled substance.