Warrant Out For Lincoln Man Involved In Car/Train Crash In March

LINCOLN–(KFOR Apr. 7)–A 31-year-old Lincoln man is being sought by the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, after he and two others fled the scene of a car/train crash near Waverly on March 13.

A warrant was issued for Deanthony McGuire, after deputies found personal belongings to McGuire and two other men inside the car they were in, according to a court affidavit.  According to the Journal Star, McGuire has been charged with a felony for failing to stop and render aid in a serious injury crash.

The crash happened during the evening of March 13 near 120th and Highway 6, where one passenger suffered a head injury that required 20 stitches.  That man was treated at a Council Bluffs hospital, after his parents picked up from a gas station in Waverly. Both parents contacted the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office the next day.

The man told investigators they left the scene because McGuire previously had four warrants out for his arrest.