WellPower Movement Shifts Focus to Mental Wellbeing in May
LINCOLN, Neb. (April 28, 2022) — Organizers of the WellPower Movement, in observance of Mental Health Awareness month, are encouraging Nebraskans to focus on their mental wellbeing throughout the month of May. Those interested can register and participate for free at WellPowerMovement.com.
In the mental wellbeing challenge, which is sponsored by BlueCross and BlueShield of Nebraska, virtual badges and actual prizes will be awarded for those who log miles–converted from minutes–for several mental wellbeing activities, including meditation, volunteering, reading, gratitude-journaling, group exercise/play and more.
The WellPower Movement is a free web-based activity-tracking program that motivates members to adopt healthy habits by participating in wellbeing challenges throughout the year. Depending on the challenge, virtual badges and actual prizes are awarded for achieving and logging benchmark amounts of healthy activities, both physical and mental.
The WellPower Movement currently has more than 8,300 participants. The program’s primary physical activity challenge, the WellPower 100 Challenge, was held Jan. 17 – Feb. 28 with participants logging more than 360,000 miles and 365 participants logging at least 100 miles.
The WellPower Movement is a program of the Nebraska Sports Council, which also conducts the Cornhusker State Games, Lincoln Corporate Games, Omaha Corporate Games and the Pumpkin Run.