WellPower Movement

(KFOR NEWS  January 4, 2022)   Governor Pete Ricketts hosted a press conference Monday morning to highlight the importance of regular physical activity and a nutritious diet.  In his remarks, Gov. Ricketts emphasized both the physical and mental health benefits of routine exercise. 

 Dave Mlnarik, Executive Director of the Nebraska Sports Council, invited Nebraskans to participate in the WellPower Movement as a way to improve their overall health.  The free, web-based movement allows participants to log their activity, earn virtual badges, and get involved with others pursuing wellness.   First Lady Susanne Shore also shared her positive experience with the WellPower Movement and encouraged others to join her. Nebraskans can sign up at www.wellpowermovement.com

 Nebraska Director of Public Health Dr. Gary Anthone spoke of the importance of physical activity and its relationship to overall health.  He noted that leading a healthy lifestyle can help a person to fend off disease—including reducing complications caused by COVID-19.  Dr. Anthone urged Nebraskans to set aside regular time to make physical fitness a part of their daily routines.

 Following today’s press conference, Governor Ricketts, First Lady Susanne Shore, Dr. Gary Anthone, and others participated in a wellness walk in the halls of the State Capitol.

 Video from today’s press conference is available by clicking here.  To take part in the WellPower Movement go to www.wellpowermovement.com.

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