Winter Storm Pounds Parts of Southeastern U.S.

(KFOR NEWS  February 3, 2022)  ACCUWEATHER.COM    Following temperatures soaring into the 60s to start the month of February, Oklahoma City fell through the 20s on Wednesday afternoon and ended up in the teens by the evening.  This drop in temperatures allowed precipitation that briefly began as sleet to quickly change over to snow.  By midnight, Oklahoma City received 3 inches of snow. This was enough to break a 109-year old snowfall record for Groundhog Day. The old record was 2.5 inches back in 1913. Snow will continue to fall through much of Thursday, so the record of 1 inch for Feb. 3 (also set in 1913) may be broken as well.

The storm is causing power outages across Texas.  Over 40,000 customers are without power across the state, according to PowerOutage.US, and that number is expected to continue rising where freezing rain is falling.  Even in the wake of the winter storm, very cold air is expected to affect much of the state. Although the severity and duration of the cold will not compare to last February, the increased energy demand is expected to put a further strain on the power grid into the weekend.

Rain has changed over to snow in northeastern Ohio, including Cleveland. Temperatures will continue to fall overnight, causing previously wet roads to become icy. Snow can fall moderately to heavily, and ice on roads will be hidden underneath the snow. Travel will quickly become difficult and dangerous, and motorists are advised to stay at home unless absolutely necessary. In addition, winds will increase, causing considerable blowing and drifting snow, which will rapidly reduce visibility. Rain will change to snow farther east as the night progresses, including into northwestern Pennsylvania.

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