Woman Brings Children With Her To Break Into SW Lancaster County Business

LINCOLN–(KFOR Apr. 27)–Sheriff’s deputies say a 30-year-old woman brought her two, 5-year-old sons with her when she broke into a southwestern Lancaster County business late Tuesday night and left about $5,000 worth of damage.

Sheriff Terry Wagner on Wednesday morning told KFOR News the break-in happened at Yankee Hill Brick and Tile, at 3705 South Coddington Avenue. Deputies responded when someone reported that an SUV was parked near a door. The woman, later identified as Emily Anderson, and the two kids were inside the building.

Wagner says investigators reported seeing trash and debris surrounding the SUV, with the radio playing loudly. Anderson and one of her sons had dirt and yellow spray-paint on their hands, faces and bodies. While talking to the woman, deputies reported that she explained she was driving around, stopped at Yankee Hill Brick and Tile and got into the building through an unlocked door with one of the children.

Deputies say trash cans were tossed around, shelving and scaffolding was knocked over, tool boxes were tossed and bags of materials were ripped open. Anderson apparently found two spray-paint cans and went outside to spray-pain, where she put her last name and “MINE” on the north building. The woman also said she opened every unlocked breaker panel and flipped a number of breaker switches.

Deputies soon found her outside another building in the business lot. It was in this location where there’s a catwalk approximately 25-ft above the ground and Anderson’s child was walking around in the area.

Initially, Anderson was told to leave the property but she refused. Employees told deputies the doors to the business usually remain unlocked.

Anderson was arrested for burglary and cited for three counts of criminal mischief and two counts of child abuse. LSO said she was also cited for theft for a related case. The two 5-year-old sons were taken into Health and Human Services care.