Work For Welfare

The Farm Bill conference committee should make an announcement this week (possibly next week) about whether or not there will be a work requirement attached to food stamp benefits.  

The Foundation for Government Accountability has long promoted work requirements for food stamp recipients: able-bodied people under age 59 who aren’t caring for small children should work or volunteer 20 hours a week for their benefits. The economy is strong and employers everywhere are seeking workers.

As the FGA’s Kristina Rasmussen and Rep. Ted Yoho explain in this op-ed, the reforms in the Farm Bill will help millions of able-bodied Americans move from welfare to work and become self-sufficient. In addition, the reforms will close loopholes within the food stamp program that will restore the integrity of the program and ensure that resources are available for the truly needy.

However, some states seek to have these requirements waived, even in areas with low unemployment. They see no value in reducing the welfare rolls, because they simply ask the federal government for more money.




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