The Lincoln Children’s Zoo unveiled plans Thursday for a massive holiday light show through November and December.  Zoo President John Chapo and Lincoln Electric System CEO Kevin Wailes were joined by Santa Claus for the announcement.  The three said the new event will be one of the largest holiday light shows in the Midwest, and will feature over 250,000 LED lights.

“We have a tradition connecting children and adults with nature while creating life-long memories.  Zoo lights will continue that tradition by providing a destination for thousands of Nebraskans to visit their Lincoln Children’s Zoo and celebrate the holidays” Chapo said.

Zoo lights will run late November through December on a nightly basis.  It will be special, ticketed event intended to help support the zoo through the winter.

“This new light show will help me find Lincoln more easily” Santa Claus added.

Its main features will include over 250,000 lights, a 34 foot decorated tree, a 40 foot tall light tree that will dance to music, a 30 foot light walk through a tunnel, 1 mile of pathway LED lights, and over 30 illuminated animal photo opportunities.  It will also feature rides on the zoo train, which will also be lighted.

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