Aubrey Trail has been found guilty of first degree murder for the killing of Sydney Loofe.

The 12 jurors received the state’s case against Aubrey Trail just after 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon.

Before being charged with their task of coming to a verdict, the prosecution and defense gave their final pleas for their cases.

10/11 News reported that the prosecution described Loofe’s death as a planned, targeted killing carried out by two people who’d been lusting after a murder for months.

Between Trail, and his co-defendant Bailey Boswell, prosecutor Mike Guinan said “they had four arms, four legs, two heads, but one mind. She was targeted, killed and dismembered.”

The defense maintained Trail’s story that he killed Loofe, but he did it accidentally.

“He had no intent,” Defense Attorney Joe Murray said. “He had no plan. There was no plan for this lady to die. The state’s only evidence as to intent is she was later dismembered with a hacksaw.”

He said the prosecution only proved where Trail bought the saw, but said that doesn’t show the intent behind his purchase.

Murray also said Trail’s actions after Loofe died were too erratic to be planned.

Previous evidence showed Trail and Boswell traveled from hotel to hotel, zigzagging across the state before going to Iowa, then Branson, Missouri, where they were arrested.

Murray cited the prosecutions cross examination of Trail as proof that Trail would never plan to take a route like that.

“Mr. Warner referred to the defendant as one who would meticulously cover his tracks as he demonstrated during the con regarding the coin and he asserted that Trail is not a person to act on impulse, we agree,” Murray said.

But, Guinan said, of course Trail’s plans changed. They planned on getting away with Loofe’s murder. They planned on her disappearance becoming “just another adult missing person case.”

But Loofe’s family, friends and coworkers didn’t let up, and it turned out one of them had the answer to the case at their fingertips.

“Sydney Loofe solves her own crime, really,” Guinan said.

Loofe sent one of her friends a picture of who she believed to be “Audrey” after going on a date with who we know now to be Boswell, Guinan said.

He said that photo, and a friend’s determination brought law enforcement to Trail and Boswell’s hotel in Branson. That and a lot of excellent police work that followed, he said.

With that testimony, and nearly an hour of instruction from judge Vicky Johnson, the case was in the hands of the jury.



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