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We encourage you to consider giving all year round!


The purpose of Operation Santa Claus is to provide an individual toy of choice for less fortunate kids in Lincoln for Christmas. The concept is meant to let these kids know that someone cares for them as individuals.

KFOR’s Operation Santa Claus has been providing Christmas presents to Lincoln’s less fortunate children since its inception in 1948. The ages range from 1-13 years old, or up to 16 if the child is mentally or physically challenged.

The concept worked beautifully, serving about 200 orphans that first year. Since then, the program has continued on KFOR every year. Throughout the years there have been some changes. There are not many children in orphanages. Today, most of the less fortunate children live with their parents or in foster homes. Working with local social service agencies and the National Guard, along with local merchants, we are able to provide all of these youngsters with one brand new toy or gift “of their choice” to open on Christmas morning.

To send a monetary donation, please click on the Donate button below,  or mail it to us at 3800 Cornhusker Highway, Lincoln, NE 68504. Please be sure to put “Operation Santa” on the envelope.