Bryan Health Celebrates Cancer Survival With Putting Ribbons onto Trees

LINCOLN–(News Release June 2)-Bryan Health is honoring cancer survivors and raising funds for cancer support programs by placing ribbons on survivor trees at both of its hospitals in Lincoln.

Cancer survivors, or loved ones of a cancer survivor, are able to purchase a ribbon to be placed on a survivor tree at both Bryan East Campus and Bryan West Campus. Ribbons will feature the survivor’s name and be part of a colorful display outside each hospital entrance through June 12.

Bryan Health said the display will provide hope to hospital visitors and help other survivors by raising funds for cancer support programs.

Sandi Larson is a longtime Lincoln resident. In the fall of 2021, she experienced abnormal visual and spatial issues, causing imbalance and dizziness. Doctors discovered a tumor the size of a lime in her brain. It was malignant.

Two weeks after the tumor was found, Larson underwent brain surgery at Bryan West Campus. According to Bryan Health, doctors successfully removed the mass. Tests later revealed her brain was not the area where her cancer originated. Her official diagnosis was adenocarcinoma with an undetected source. She spent three weeks in the hospital after surgery and was given three months to live upon discharge.

Larson is now cancer free and receives quarterly scans, which have shown no recurrence of cancer. According to Bryan health, she’s remained sharp and continues to focus on her balance. She relishes her time with loved ones and grandchildren.

Larson is being honored by her family with a ribbon on the survivor tree to celebrate beating brain cancer.

For more info and to purchase a ribbon for the survivor trees, visit