County Commissioner Wants Reasons for Decision in New Prison Location

LINCOLN–(KFOR Aug. 21)–He’s heard from constituents and Lancaster County Board member Rick Vest also wants answers as to why the location along Adams Street from 102nd to 112th was considered by the state of Nebraska to be the new location of a state prison.

When it was announced last Thursday by Governor Pillen, he said the decision for the location was in the best interests of the workers, inmates and their families, while creating jobs. Vest tells KFOR News Lincoln’s unemployment rate is low enough where there isn’t enough workforce available from Lincoln to fill jobs. Plus, the infrastructure in the area isn’t meant for high traffic volume.

“My sense is the silver linings that were listed could be achieved in another location that would not cause the amount of disruption this location is doing,” Vest said.

Vest, who represents the northeast district of the county, feels that the citizens impacted the most deserve more answers from state officials.

“I just would like to see some more in-depth discussion about why we’re here and what the options are, from this point on,” Vest added.

He says residential growth has started to head east in that area and the proposal originally was to continue residential and business growth.  Vest said “these are hard-working people” who live in the immediate area close to the proposed prison location and have “worked hard to build homes that are very nice and valuable assets in our community.”