Washington, D.C. (March 16, 2022)  Both of Nebraska’s U.S. Senators expressed strong support today for Ukraine in its fight to defend against the Russian invasion.  They reacted after Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy delivered an address to Congress.

Senator Deb Fischer said “Zelenskyy is inspiring, and he is a fighter. President Zelenskyy is a leader and he is a hero.  But his situation is dire.  We should be looking at any and all available options that are out there to assist Ukraine.  In particular, the more sophisticated anti-air systems to counter Russian bombing.”

Fischer added that President Biden needs to do some serious thinking about how the U.S. views its own security situation.

While we remain laser focused on helping Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, I think it is critical for the Biden administration to fundamentally re-evaluate their approach to Russia.

 We’ve seen past administrations that have overlooked decades of Putin’s bad behavior and they hope that possibly American restraint is going to lead Moscow to take the same approach.

Well with what we’ve seen this month, we know that is a fantasy. That is a fantasy to think that Russia, to think that Putin, is going to change his behavior.

Right now, we have the National Defense Strategy, the Nuclear Posture Review before the administration.

I hope as President Biden reviews those and issues the new ones that he hopes to, that he really looks at the changing security environment that we are facing as a country, that he really takes into account the threats that we face as a nation in this changing environment.”

Senator Ben Sasse was also focused on military aid.

“We know who Zelensky is. We know who the Ukrainians are. They’re freedom fighters. We know who Putin is. He bombs women and children. The question in the speech this morning was, ‘who are we going to be?’ We’re a superpower and Zelensky challenged us to act like it. Zelensky needs more. If it shoots, we should ship it. More S-300s, more Javelins, more drones, more Stingers, more everything. This administration is constantly giving processed answers… The administration talks about this like it’s somehow some nerd lawyer discussion, not like it’s a moral battle between good guys and bad guys, and we need the good guys to win. That video that was shown this morning — every parent should watch that video and lots of parents should do the hard work of showing their kids that disgusting video. That’s who Vladimir Putin is, and he doesn’t stop until he’s stopped. And the Ukrainians are fighting, not just for their kids, they’re fighting for freedom. And he needs more and we should give them more. And right now the administration spends all this time talking process, and talking slow, and talking ‘maybe, we can help the Ukrainians lose a little bit slower, maybe, maybe it could go on longer before they lose.’ What the administration should be telling us is what their plan is to help the Ukrainians win. If it shoots, we should ship it.” 

Nebraska Congressman Jeff Fortenberry also issued a statement of support for Ukraine.

“President Zelensky delivered an emotional and powerful appeal to Congress for more help for Ukraine.  His leadership and the undeterred courage of the Ukrainian people have profoundly moved the entire world.  A large America aid package is on the way but ramped up international pressure on Russia from all civilized countries is essential to declawing Russian aggression—and creating the conditions for a stand down.”