Governor Pete Ricketts announced a new volunteer initiative Monday, “Sorghum Cares: Preserving Our Heritage. Building Our Future,” to collect and preserve the stories of Nebraska veterans. The Nebraska Sorghum Producers Association (NeSPA) and Nebraska Department of Veterans’ Affairs (NDVA) have partnered to launch the initiative.

“Our veterans have made great sacrifices so that we can live in a land of liberty,” said Governor Ricketts.  “This project documents their stories of sacrifice, and preserves them for future generations of Nebraskans.”

The “Sorghum Cares” initiative will be incorporated into NeSPA’s regular monthly outreach across the state.  Following these outreach events, members of the NeSPA staff, serving in a volunteer capacity, will meet with members of the veteran community to record their experiences.  The veteran interviews will be archived at the Library of Congress as part of the Veterans History Project.

“Recording the experiences of Nebraska veterans is important to our heritage, and it ensures that future generations can glean lessons from their leadership and sacrifices,” said Nate Blum, Executive Director of NeSPA.

The interviews will be conducted monthly at Nebraska’s veterans’ homes as well as by appointment.

To schedule an interview, or to volunteer, please contact the Nebraska Sorghum Producers Association at 402-471-3552 or email: [email protected].

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