Governor To College Trustees:  Follow The Science

LINCOLN, NE (November 10, 2021) – Governor Pete Ricketts sent a letter to the Board of Trustees of the Nebraska State College System today, urging them to vote against new policies regarding gender identity.  The Governor said the proposed new policies contain “the unscientific and ideological notion that sex is ‘assigned at birth’.”

“Adopting the proposed policies would impose gender ideology on Nebraska State College campuses by discouraging teachers and students to speak freely and act in accordance with science and their judgments about the biologically determined nature of males and females,” wrote Gov. Ricketts.

“The State College System is a taxpayer-funded institution, and therefore has a special obligation to represent the wishes of the people of our state by avoiding ideological and politicized policies,” the Governor emphasized in his letter.  “To maintain academic credibility and widespread support from Nebraskans, it is imperative that our State Colleges reject this ideological activism.”

The vote on policy changes is expected at tomorrow’s meeting of the Trustees.

The Governor’s letter is available by clicking here.