Governor’s State of State Address Delayed Due to Filibuster

LINCOLN–(KFOR Jan. 18)–Governor Jim Pillen’s State of the State Address on Thursday morning was delayed about 45 minutes, when some members of the Nebraska Legislature filibustered over objections to his administrations actions in the past year.

Omaha Senator Machaela Cavanaugh expressed “grave concerns”, saying “We are eroding our democracy.”

The lawmaker who initiated the filibuster, Omaha Sen. Justin Wayne, indicated on Wednesday he would impose one over the state’s treatment handling of $90-million for the development of a business park in north Omaha.

“It’s just a sad state of affairs for the state of Nebraska,” said fellow Omaha Senator Terrell McKinney, referencing the Department of Correctional Services for locking out Legislature’s oversight.

After Elkhorn Senator Lou Ann Linehan raised a point of order motion to end the filibuster, motions to overrule the chair, Lt. Gov. Joe Kelly, were made by Senators Wayne and Machaela Cavanaugh.  Both motions were eventually withdrawn.