Adventure parks have been popping up in cities all around the country, and now a new one calls Lincoln home, reports our media partner 1011 Now.

Madhouse Experience is replacing Defy Gravity near 3rd and Van Dorn.

While safety may be a concern for parents, Madhouse says it takes extra precautions to ensure the experience is both safe and fun.

Friday was opening day for the new adventure park, and employees say they can’t wait for kids of all ages to try it out.

Acin Lobo-Snyder was one of the first kids to put the trampolines to the test. “I’ve done a front flip and I bet I can do a back flip and I’ve done a lot of things,” Lobo-Snyder said.

Trampolines aren’t the only fun the park has to offer. There is an American Ninja Warrior-style course and a virtual reality area.

“I haven’t tried everything, but I think that’s my favorite part is those VR headsets,” Lobo-Snyder said.

Co-Owner Dan Eberhardt said Madhouse’s focus is always on community. “We bought a trampoline park called Defy Gravity and turned it into the Madhouse,” Eberhard said. “That is our brand and that is our values. M stands for make a difference, A is achieve your goals, D is dream big and house is family and community.”

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