No Varsity Boys and Girls Basketball at Lincoln Northwest This Season

LINCOLN–(News Release Oct. 7)–Lincoln Public Schools Athletic and Activities Department announced on Friday, Oct. 7, that a final decision has been made in collaboration with Northwest High School to only play junior varsity, reserve and freshman levels games for both girls and boys. There will not be any varsity basketball teams or games during the 2022-2023 season. 

“We have learned valuable lessons during our fall sports season that we carry with us as we navigate the rest of our first year,” said Rob Psencik, Northwest High School activities director. “Putting student safety first, we are taking this unique opportunity to start slow and build our teams and players’ experience. By focusing on the junior varsity, reserve and freshmen level, we can focus on developing our young players. Next year, we will have competitive varsity teams for both boys and girls basketball.”

Northwest students interested in trying out for the basketball teams need to fill out the winter athletics interest form as soon as possible.

JJ Toczek, LPS athletic and activities director expressed support for the decision, saying, “This was a difficult but appropriate decision. I appreciate the administration at Northwest being thoughtful and putting student safety, learning and success first.”

LPS has notified the Nebraska School Athletic Association of the decision, and Northwest administrators have contacted the schools on their winter schedule.