Pam Dingman Files For Re-election As County Engineer

(KFOR NEWS  February 8, 2022)    Lancaster County Engineer, Pam Dingman, has filed to run for a third term.  Dingman was appointed County Engineer in December of 2013 by the Lancaster
County Commissioners.

Dingman is a licensed engineer who has a 30-year career as a practicing engineer in the private and public sectors.  She has a passion for leading engineering organizations, developing strong teams and building infrastructure that grows communities.

STATEMENT FROM DINGMAN:  “As County Engineer, I will continue to focus on maintenance programs that stabilize and extend the life of our existing infrastructure.   There have been many
maintenance programs created to focus on the stabilization of our roads and bridges during her service as county engineer.  The county engineering department currently has detailed condition inspections of all paved surfaces and pipe culverts.  This allows us to determine the locations of highest needs so that we can efficiently focus our limited funding.”

During Dingman’s tenure, twenty-five (25) county bridges have been replaced and over sixteen (16) miles of county roads have been paved. Lancaster County still has nineteen (19) bridges
rated “poor” and twenty-eight (28) miles of county roadways that have traffic levels that warrant pavement.  In addition, Saltillo Road, 148 th Street and South 68 th Street need to be upgraded to
meet modern traffic design.

“As County Engineer, I will continue to work hard to find funding for our many roads and bridges that need to be replaced or upgraded,” Dingman stated.

Dingman has a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  She is currently the only woman in Nebraska to serve as a Fellow in the Society of Women
Engineers.  She serves on the College of Engineering’s Deans Advisory Board, the National Association of County Engineers Board of Directors, and the Nebraska Association of County
Officials Board of Directors. She has two adult children.

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