UNL Shuts Down Fraternity

Lincoln, Nebraska (Aug. 25, 2021) —  Tuesday night, Lincoln Police helped University of Nebraska Lincoln Campus Police with crowd control, when a protest took place outside of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity near 14th and “R”.  Students were protesting an alleged sexual assault.

LPD Captain Max Hubka told KFOR News they sent at least eight officers to help. LPD helped with crowd control for about 90 minutes, before everyone left around midnight. No arrests but Hubka says the crowd was voicing opposition to sexual assault.

Chancellor Ronnie Green released a statement today announcing the closing of the Fraternity:

 “We take any allegation of sexual assault very seriously, and the UNL Police Department began investigating this incident as soon as the report came in. That investigation remains open and is ongoing. 

 “The Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji) fraternity at UNL is currently under probation for previous violations of university policy. We are closing the fraternity house and suspending operations of the Fiji chapter while this investigation is ongoing, due to potential violations of that probation. This is the responsible action to take for everyone involved.

 “We are committed to creating a safe campus environment for our students, faculty and staff. No one should be a victim of sexual assault or harassment, and we have taken a number of steps to provide additional support and reporting mechanisms for our campus. This spring, under the recommendation of the Campuswide Collaborative on Sexual Misconduct, we instituted new mandatory Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Training. Additional resources for anyone who has been a victim of sexual misconduct can be found here.  The university is also required by federal law to follow a process to investigate and address allegations of sexual misconduct.”