LINCOLN – Police are searching for two men, who may be homeless, who allegedly assaulted an 11 year old boy before stealing his bike. One man is described as a shorter man, possibly around 5 feet tall, with a dark complexion and wearing a red shirt. The other man is described as taller, maybe around 6 feet tall, wearing a yellow and white basketball-style jersey.

The suspects, one of whom was already on a bike, approached the boy near S Coddington and West A Streets a little before 9 PM on Monday, July 15th, and began calling him names and pushing him. Eventually, the situation escalated, and the men punched the boy in the face before stealing his bike. The men then rode off, leaving the boy on the ground.

Multiple individuals witnessed the crime, but no one has been able to identify the suspects yet. Police are currently reviewing surveillance footage in the area, but they encourage you to call CrimeStoppers 402-475-3600 if you have any relevant information.