Penguin Chick Hatched at Lincoln Children’s Zoo

LINCOLN–(KFOR/News Release Apr. 30)-A penguin chick was hatched at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo on April 4.

The zoo said in a release to KFOR News the new Humboldt penguin is the offspring of mother, Sharkbait, and father, John Henry. It’s the second penguin to hatch at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo its history. The other was Pebbles, who was hatched in May 2021.

“Sharkbait and John Henry have laid multiple unfertilized eggs prior, resulting in quite a bit of practice in taking care of an egg leading up to this one. It is amazing to see our animal care staff at work caring for both parents and chick to ensure their health and well-being; and to see Sharkbait and John Henry as attentive and protective parents,” said Evan Killeen, Lincoln Children’s Zoo CEO.

Humboldt penguins typically hatch between 43 and 48 days after an egg is laid. Sharkbait and John Henry were both very attentive during this incubation period. They took turns keeping the egg warm by sitting on it in the nest box they prepared.

The chicks hatch weight was 61.8 grams, and as of April 29, it weighed 980 grams. The sex of the penguin chick has not been determined. The sex and name will be announced later.

Sharkbait and John Henry are currently caring for the chick in a nest box behind the scenes. The chick will spend its time off-exhibit for the next few weeks as it continues to grow and develop its waterproof feathers.