City Of York Comments On Hotel Roof Collapse And Death Of 10 Year Old

YORK, Neb. (KSNB)  July 11, 2022  -The City of York commented on the Hampton Inn roof collapse incident on Friday with a press release.

On July 3, 10-year-old Ben Prince was killed after the roof caved in at a Hampton Inn hotel in York. Prince’s body was found underneath debris in the swimming pool room. He died at the scene.

In the press release, the city gave their condolences and discussed the building inspection process:

“The City of York expresses deep condolences to the family of Ben Prince for their tragic loss and the trauma that the family endured due to the ceiling collapse at Hampton Inn. We appreciate the assistance of our local towing companies and the professional response of our career and volunteer first responders as well as the assistance from the York County Sheriff’s department.

The City has received questions about the building inspection process. The City of York follows the International Code Council guidelines for safety standards for residential and commercial buildings, which are the same codes used in most other cities. The building inspector checks for compliance with these standards at each stage of construction. The entire building inspection process in the City of York involves 28 steps to check all facets of structural soundness including a specific framing inspection stage. All commercial plans must also have an engineering stamp at the beginning to confirm structural soundness and must be submitted to the Fire Marshal for review. Before the hotel would have been granted occupancy permission in 2009, the building would have had a final inspection by the City of York as well as a final inspection by the Fire Marshal. The Hampton Inn building was determined to be structural sound in 2009 and appropriate for occupancy by the City and the Fire Marshal.”

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