Court Documents Reveal Details Of Man’s Death

Lincoln, NE (October 3, 2022)  (KOLN) Court documents are providing additional information on what led up to the killing of a 48-year-old man in Lincoln last week.

Joshua Larsen, 35, was arrested in connection to the killing of Robert Aguirre, 48.

Police said officers found Aguirre dead inside a home near North 65th Street and Madison Avenue on Thursday afternoon.

The victim and Larsen were involved in an intimate relationship, according to LPD.

Larsen was taken into custody when officers arrived on the scene after receiving a call about a dead body being in the bathtub. He had an active arrest warrant for an unrelated charge.

After interviewing Larsen and a witness, and gathering additional evidence, Larsen was arrested for Second Degree Murder.

Charges in his court file now list those charges as manslaughter.

According to court records, Larsen told investigators on Monday, Sept. 26, he went to Aguirre’s house to purchase narcotics, but Aguirre would not sell him any.

After leaving for a short time, Larsen returned and an argument ensued, the records state.

Larsen told investigators Aguirre started hitting him, so he put him in a headlock and took him to the ground. He then positioned to a “leg choke” around Aguirre’s neck, according to the documents.

After a minute, Larsen told investigators Aguirre went unconscious, so he attempted CPR that was unsuccessful.

Larsen told LPD he went back to the house over the next several days and placed Aguirre in the bathtub and used Clorox to clean up the scene.

Court documents also outlined Larsen’s criminal history, which shows multiple charges related to domestic assault, where Aguirre was the victim.

Bail was set at 10 percent of $1,000,000 for Larsen, and he is due back in court on Oct. 27.