Lincoln Teacher Will Get Vaccine to Protect Herself and Students

Our media partner 10/11 (KOLN) reported that COVID-19 vaccine applications for the state’s Phase 1B has already begun, with people ages 75 and up starting to apply. A group also in Phase 1B, teaches and educations in the state.

According to a recent survey, 85% of teachers in Lincoln Public Schools will get the vaccine once available to them. One of them is Carol Flora, who said it’s not only important to get the vaccine, but explained why it’s important to get it.

“I’m really excited in anticipation of getting the vaccine,” said Flora.

Flora is a Lincoln High civics teacher, mainly teaching 10th through 12th graders.

‘I’m excited to have that sense of safety not only for myself but for students and their families and for my colleagues,” said Flora.

Flora said many of her students have been exposed to COVID-19. She sees getting the vaccine, as an educational opportunity for her students.

‘We talk about information from the CDC, guidelines and the procedures and then getting the vaccine that we’ve even looked at the ingredients and followed along with what it means to be vaccinated,” said Flora

In Phase 1B of the State’s plan, teachers will follow people ages 75 and up. They’ll be in the same group as corrections, first responders, and grocery workers. Members of the Lincoln Education Association said there aren’t set dates for when teachers will get vaccines, but it’s a sign of hope.

“I think it’s fair to say what we’re excited about is a light at the end of a pandemic tunnel,” said Rita Bennett, president of the LEA.

Bennett said this isn’t just benefitting teachers, but also helping the families they teach.

“Knowing that more people within the school community may be vaccinated or in some other matter immune to the virus would certainly help parents feel that the school is a safer place health-wise,” said Bennett

Although vaccinated teachers will likely make families more comfortable, LEA said hybrid learning won’t be going away anytime soon. LEA knows some of its teachers are medically exempt from getting the vaccine but know vaccines are a positive sign and create healthy school environments.