LPS Hosts Sport Event Risk Management Course

LINCOLN–(KFOR June 6)–Lincoln Public Schools on Monday hosted a training event for local school officials, law enforcement, first responders and the Nebraska School Activities Association to ensure sporting events are safe and secure.

Kyle Poore, LPS’ security coordinator, told KFOR News it’s to give them “a mile wide, an inch deep look into what are things we need to be considering when we go to athletic events.  How can we keep areas a little bit more safe and secure.”

Kathi Wieskamp is LPS’ director of athletics and activities and tells KFOR News this is to make sure athletes/performers and spectators are in a safe environment by collaborating with LPD, LFR and other agencies.

“Making sure, too, that when we do have an incident, it isn’t the first time that we’re talking with them.  That we’re collectively working on the plan together.  That way we kind of know how to respond.”

Poore adds this training wouldn’t be limited to just sporting events, but would also apply to other activities like performances in theatre and music, or other school functions where large groups would gathering.

“Training like this is going to help us be more seamless,” Poore said, referring to practices and before and after school activities.

Among those that attended the risk management course were officials from Lincoln Police, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police, the Nebraska School Activities Association and member schools from the Heartland Athletic Conference.