Nebraska Is Big Loser From Tax Migration

(KFOR NEWS  June 24, 2022)   Ever hear of “tax migration”?  It’s when people move from one state to another based upon the amount of taxes they have to pay.

Using taxpayer migration data released by the Internal Revenue Service, the Nebraska taxpayer watchdog group, Platte Institute, found between 2019 and 2020, 800,000 Americans left one state for another.  The problem is they aren’t coming to here.  Nebraska endured one of the nation’s largest migration-caused losses of income during that year, resulting in net lost annual income due to outmigration of nearly $500 million.

In fact, Nebraska lost a net of 4,200 people and $500,000 in tax returns with them.  While a state like Idaho gained 36,000 people and added $2 billion in tax returns.

Learn more on “tax migration” from the Platte Institute.

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