New Website Promotes Local Suppliers Of PPE

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird and the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce unveiled a new website,, to promote the local businesses currently supplying personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The website lists current local suppliers for face masks, coverings, shield, hand sanitizer, isolation gowns and medical supplies and equipment.  Local businesses providing PPE can also sign up to be included on the website.

“This personal protective equipment is key to our success in managing the spread of the virus and in laying the groundwork for our economic recovery,” said Mayor Gaylor Baird.  “We see this as a win-win opportunity – businesses and organizations get the PPE they need to protect their employees and customers while at the same time supporting other local businesses.”

Wendy Birdsall, President and CEO of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, suggests satisfying PPE needs from local businesses.

“Our businesses recognize that the idea of a ‘trade-off’ between public health and the economy does not really hold up, because the two are so interconnected,” said Birdsall. “ Local businesses are the lifeblood of our economy in many ways, and we encourage those with PPE needs to look no further than their neighbor businesses to help support those needs.”

The Mayor thanked the Chamber for its work on the website and for working with the City on best practices and guidelines for businesses to safely operate during the pandemic.  Information for businesses is available at at the “business resources” tab.

The Chamber also has information and resources posted at its website,

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