LINCOLN–(KFOR May 10)–As a youngster, Carlos Herrera would see his dad, Mario, get ready to go work as a Lincoln Police Officer, and hear stories from his father and uncle, who also works as an LPD officer.  That may have influenced him to pursue the same career.

“Getting to hear their stories and their experiences has always played a huge role in my life,” Carlos Herrera told LNKTV in a recent interview.

Now, Carlos Herrera will prepare to wear that same uniform as he helps carry on his father’s legacy, when he graduates from the Lincoln Police Training Academy next month.

Luis “Mario” Herrera gave the ultimate sacrifice. The 23-year-veteran of the police department died in September 2020 after being shot while serving a search warrant on August 26 at a home off of 33rd and Vine. Four months later, Carlos joined the Lincoln Police Training Academy.

Carlos Herrera says his mom, three sisters and fiancé support his choice to become a police officer. He says the family has become closer, where they get together for dinner on Sundays and share memories about their dad.

“My dad and I had a great relationship. Getting to listen to how much he got to help people and made a positive impact on their life really made a profound impact on me,” Carlos said.  Friendships have become important for Carlos Herrera, as well.  He says new friends made at the academy have helped him through the grieving process.

Carlos Herrera says he would like to work as a narcotics investigator and to make a difference in helping those dealing with a drug addiction.