City Councilwoman and candidate for Mayor Cyndi Lamm will be introducing a resolution to limit how much taxpayer money can be spent on ballot or bond initiatives without full hearings and a majority vote of the City Council. The resolution comes after the Mayor’s Office authorized spending $190,000 of taxpayer money for public education regarding the quarter-cent sales tax increase that will be on the April 9th ballot. The resolution would also require a disclosure, stating that a portion of the cost was paid for at taxpayer expense.

“I am still talking with voters who are furious that the city is spending $190,000 on a campaign intended on influencing them to vote for a higher sales tax,” commented Lamm. “This type of use for taxpayer dollars needs to be limited and fully transparent.”

Under Lamm’s resolution, the Mayor or any Department would not be allowed to spend more than $20,000 on any ballot initiative or bond issue campaign without going through the City Council hearing and vote process. The resolution would also require any materials or advertising that use any portion of taxpayer funds to state clearly “A portion of this was paid for using taxpayer funds.”

“I understand that there are times when as a city we must educate the public, and I believe that $20,000 is a reasonable limit without council approval,” added Lamm. “If it is more than $20,000, we should hold hearings and be held accountable for our vote.”

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