41 Attorneys General Sign Letter to Congress Supporting Funding for Legal Assistance

(KFOR NEWS  May 2, 2022)   The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG) has sent a letter signed by 41 Attorneys General to Congress to support beneficent funding for the Legal Services Corporation (LSC). The LSC provides critical legal assistance to low-income Americans, helping families in need across the country.

“These federal funds to support legal services to all citizens are critical to ensure that our legal justice system is available to all citizens of our states regardless of their economic status,” stated Attorney General Peterson.

Nonprofit legal aid programs funded by the federal program provide services to millions of Americans annually, reaching across every state and territory. The funding is a wise investment in accessible legal representation. Numerous Americans, including families with children, renters and homeowners, farmers, veterans, the disabled, and the elderly, have benefitted for over 50 years from federally-funded LSC services. In some states, over 80% of legal assistance dollars come from LSC. These legal aid organizations donate their time and skills to assist those in need.

The letter, led by Attorney General Racine from the District of Columbia Washington and Attorney General Peterson from Nebraska, concludes, “We have seen how access to legal representation helps achieve justice for the residents we serve.”

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