LINCOLN–(KFOR Sept. 24)–A former Nebraska State Patrol civilian employee and a Lincoln man are accused of being responsible for a large amount of drug overdoses in the Lincoln area recently.

On Thursday, members of the Lincoln-Lancaster County Narcotics Task Force arrested 36-year-old Anna Idigima and 35-year-old George Wesley Weaver, Jr., both of Lincoln.  Idigima was a 14-year civilian employee of the Nebraska State Patrol, who had access to the evidence room.  The Task Force had been investigating a spike in overdose cases, some resulting in death, when a health alert was issued by the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department on August 19, due to the increase in overdoses. Arrests were made but investigators were able to trace the drug back to the source.

Lincoln Police, with the help of NSP, did an audit of the evidence facilities and determined there were about $1.2-million worth of drugs missing from the evidence room, including significant quantities of cocaine and fentanyl.  Idigima was suspended during the investigation and fired from NSP on August 27.

“This employee had betrayed the trust of the people of Nebraska who look to the State Patrol as the professional and dedicated law enforcement agency that it is,” NSP Col. John Bolduc said. “She also betrayed the trust placed in her by our troopers and investigators and civilian team members who take pride in our constant mission to keep Nebraska safe. Worse than that, her actions appear to have caused immense pain for many people in this community.”

Idigima and Weaver were arrested or conspiracy to distribute cocaine and fentanyl – 140 grams or more.  Lancaster County Attorney Pat Condon said Idigima and Weaver will be charged with the felony Friday afternoon. If convicted, they each could face a sentence of 20 years to life in prison.

Col. Bolduc said they’ve already begun a thorough review of their evidence storage policies and procedures.  Condon said there they will be doing a complete review of the 105 open cases at the Nebraska State Patrol. They will be contacting defense attorneys involved in the cases.


(KFOR NEWS  September 24, 2021)  2 arrests have been made in connection with drug overdoses in Lincoln.

Anna Idigima was a 14 year employee of the Nebraska State Patrol, working as an Evidence Technician, with access to the evidence room.  The other person arrested was Idigima’s boyfriend, George Wesley Weaver Jr.

Lincoln Police Narcotics Capt. Ryan Dale, said today (Friday) law enforcement noticed large amounts of cocaine and fentanyl missing from the State Patrol evidence room.

Idigima and Weaver were arrested Thursday for conspiracy to distribute cocaine and fentanyl.  If convicted, the crime comes with a sentence of 20 years to life in prison.

A month ago, Health Director, Pat Lopez, issued a health alert for the city because of the spike in overdoses.  On August 20th, LPD said there were 141 reports of overdoses in Lincoln for the year, 50 of them happening in the prior 30 days.  STAY WITH KFOR NEWS FOR UPDATES.

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