CHI Health Partners With MDsave, Works To Make Healthcare Affordable

COVID-19 is not only impacting our health, but also our wallets. Our media partner 10/11 reports that CHI Health is trying to make health care more affordable for patients that have been financially impacted.

For many, money might be tight right now. Some may put off important medical procedures simply because they cannot afford to pay at the moment. CHI Health is partnering with MDsave to make healthcare more affordable and accessible during this financially stressful time.

Managing and valuing the services, and trying to make healthcare affordable- this is a great opportunity for them to lower their costs,” said Tyler Dejong, CFO for CHI Health. “Many insurance plans will allow them to submit this against their deductible as well.”

A big feature with MDsave is they present the price up front. So individuals are not discovering fees later on down the road. Mammograms are one of the most popular uses for MDsave.


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