Do Right, Right Now COVID Campaign Launches Phase Two

(Omaha, Neb.) Jan. 27, 2021 – The Do Right, Right Now COVID-19 campaign, which kicked off mid-November of last year, has launched its second phase. The unified campaign began in Douglas County and expanded statewide to encourage Nebraskans to take precautions to help protect themselves and their community from the virus. The goal for this new phase is to educate the public about the COVID-19 vaccine and its availability, while encouraging continued preventative measures.

Vaccination will play a critical role in protecting Nebraskans against COVID-19 and the Do Right, Right Now campaign will work to promote the safety, effectiveness, and availability of the vaccine. Although the vaccine is the best protection against COVID-19 and can help end the pandemic much sooner – it’s important to remember that it’s one layer of defense. Safety measures including wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing hands are still highly encouraged. To find specific county information visit the resources page at

“It’s important as healthcare leaders in rural communities, that we are leading by example,” said Mel McNea, Great Plains Health chief executive officer. “Approximately 70 percent of our healthcare personnel at Great Plains Health have already been vaccinated and, when given the green light, we are ready to begin vaccinating the public. We want to return to normalcy just as much as anyone, but that will only happen with herd immunity. We need Nebraskans to take the vaccine when it becomes available to them. The vaccine is instrumental in reducing hospitalizations caused by COVID-19, ending this pandemic and, ultimately, saving lives.”

The campaign will continue to include messaging in radio, television, print, digital, and outdoor media statewide. All media outlets involved are continuing to donate ad and inventory space in some capacity to support this campaign to share one consistent, unified message.

“This second phase of Do Right, Right Now will help communities support health care workers, schools, businesses, and families as we collectively navigate the pandemic,” said Nebraska Commissioner of Education, Matthew Blomstedt. “Nebraskans have worked to avoid the virus through non-pharmaceutical interventions by wearing masks, washing hands, and keeping distance. We are anxiously awaiting the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine to further support our critical health and education capacities. Now we have the hope of the vaccine and it is important that everyone can Do Right, Right Now in this next phase of the fight.”

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