Eight Leaders Named To Assemble Lincoln Team For Convention Center Planning

LINCOLN–(KFOR Sept. 12)–Eight people will make up the group tasked with coming up plans and a location to build a convention center in Lincoln.

Assemble Lincoln consists of Lincoln State Senators Elliot Bostar, who is the chair, along with Beau Ballard and Anna Wishart. Also on the committee are Governor Pillen’s director of Policy Research Kenneth Zoeller, League of Municipalities executive director Lynn Rex, Congressman Mike Flood’s district director Deb Schorr, Lancaster County Board member Sean Flowerday and from the private sector former banker Rich Herink.

“Leaders in our city have been working for years to bring a convention center to Lincoln. Thanks to the effort and collaboration of stakeholders from across our community, we are one step closer to that vision becoming a reality. This project will bring important investment to downtown Lincoln and serve as a catalyst for growth in our community.”

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird said, “The convention center will infuse even more energy into our community, attracting visitors, boosting local businesses and enhancing our residents’ quality of life.”

There will be representatives from the Chamber of Commerce, Visit Lincoln and Downtown Lincoln Association. Bostar says they are hoping to complete the process in identifying a site and pre-construction development work by next year. He says no early submissions of potential sites have been identified.

However, some early analysis has five potential spots in the downtown area.

Click a link below to see those potential locations.

Lincoln Convention Center Plan