The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers estimates that levees and other infrastructure along the Platte and Missouri Rivers that were damaged by Nebraska’s massive spring floods will cost well over $1 billion to repair.

The Omaha World-Herald reports that Corps spokesman Matt Rabe says the first 61 of 108 projects deemed eligible for federal funding will cost $1 billion. The Corps has received more than 150 project applications, and more are expected to roll in. Rabe says the repairs will be funded by the Corps and special disaster aid. It is unclear how much more will need to be funded by taxpayers.

The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) announced updates to projects on Highway 57 south of Stanton, Highway 11 south of Butte, and Highway 94 east of Pender to repair roads and bridges damaged by the spring floods.

The project on Highway 57 south of Stanton requires repairing the bridge and the riverbank after floodwaters in the Elkhorn River washed out the south approach of the bridge and caused extensive erosion of the south channel bank at the bridge location.  Work began June 19 and expected completion is Fall 2019.

Bridge engineers for the project on Highway 11, south of Butte have continued to evaluate the situation and damage to the bridge. Several changes have been made to the design of the project and additional considerations to the decision include the timeline of an August opening of the temporary bridge at Highway 281.

The project on Highway 94 requires repairs to a bridge east of Pender after flood waters in Logan Creek damaged the west bridge approach and severely eroded the adjacent channel.  The flooding severely affected the bridge’s ability to support traffic. Work is anticipated to begin July 1 and expected completion is November 2019.

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