HUSKER FOOTBALL: Frost Talks Peer Leadership, Energy of Team

LINCOLN–(NU Athletics Oct. 14)–Nebraska head football coach Scott Frost met with members of the media following Thursday’s practice. Frost addressed the energy of the team as the Huskers head into their eighth game in a row.

“It has been good,” Frost said. “They go to work the same way every week. They know they basically have three days left and they get a break so everything we got will be poured into this one.”

Frost discussed what has gone into Minnesota’s run-game success.

“They do not do a whole lot of things. They are just good at what they do,” Frost said. “They got some really big guys up front. They have had some great backs and some answers off the run so our defense has to be ready to do the best they can against the run and make sure not to get hit with anything tricky or new.”

He talked about how peer leadership has helped with hitting the reset button after tough losses.

“We have the best leadership we have had,” Frost said. “Damien (Daniels) is doing a great job. Austin (Allen) is doing a great job. Adrian (Martinez) is doing a great job. Deontai (Williams) you know all the guys that you would expect are doing a great job and keeping everybody in line.”

The Huskers play Minnesota this Saturday, Oct. 16 at 11 a.m. on ESPN2 in Minneapolis, Minn., and radio coverage will be provided by Huskers Radio Network.