LIBA’s President and CEO to Step Down and Focus on His Small Business

LINCOLN–(KFOR Oct. 3)–The head of the organization that’s a leading voice for Lincoln’s small business community is stepping down.

Bud Synhorst is leaving his position as president and CEO of the Lincoln Independent Business Association at the end of the year to focus more on opportunities with his political consulting business. But over the past four years, Synhorst told KFOR News of the things he’ll remember about the job is starting a resource program called “Nebraska Buy Local” to help small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We created a website where people could go buy gift cards to support small business, just from a cash-flow perspective,” Synhorst said.  “That was a cool thing we were able to do to help our members in their time of need.”

Synhorst also says while there will be times they will agree or disagree on some things, LIBA and elected officials still find ways to come together and workout solutions.

“I valued the conversations we had on an ongoing basis,” he said.  “There have been several issues where we haven’t agreed with some of our elected officials. Yet, we still come together on a regular basis and we sit and have conversations and we find ways we can still work with them.”

A search for Synhorst’s successor is underway and he noted he plans to help in any way with the transition. He says he will continue to be a business member of LIBA (leeba).