Lincoln man puts together Facebook page for best Christmas light displays

LINCOLN, Neb. (Dec. 12, 2021 – KOLN) -The Holiday season is in full swing and with that, houses around Lincoln have their Christmas lights to show off their holiday spirit. For the third year in a row, Phillip Wagoner has curated a map of the best and biggest Christmas lights in Lincoln.

What started as a project for his family turned into a Facebook group with almost 18,000 members.

Wagoner has around 120 displays listed on his interactive map and said he’ll keep adding to it until Christmas Day.

“I love Christmas lights but I always wanted to make sure I saw the biggest ones around town so,” said Wagoner. “I didn’t like the maps that were already out there so I decided I’d just create my own and it just took off from there.”

On Saturday, Wagoner added routes of display for people to check out.

“It’s a labor of love, but I do a little bit here and a little bit there it’s definitely hours of work, but I enjoy giving back to the community and it’s something free they can use any time they want,” said Wagoner.

Wagoner said the group really took off after COVID-19, and he’s glad he can help families find something to do during the holidays.

“It’s blown up these past couple years with COVID,” said Wagoner. “I think just a lot of people are at home and nothing else to do but maybe put Christmas lights a lot of people started joining the group after that time.”

On the map, Wagoner used icons to identify active displays, displays with music and even added photos to show people what they can expect on their trek to see the best lights Lincoln has to offer.

Although he doesn’t like to judge, Wagoner adds displays based on size, theme and location. But Wagoner said the bigger the lights, the better.