LPD Putting Out the Notice Regarding of Windshield Tint on Vehicles

LINCOLN–(KFOR Mar. 21)–Lincoln Police are putting the warning out there, if you have a lot of tint on the front windshield of your vehicle.

LPD public information manager Erika Thomas says as a reminder, state law prohibits front windshield tints, except along the top above the AS1 line.

“Lincoln city ordinance states, ‘no glass shall be obscured to such an extent so that visibility to the operator is impaired or the ability to see inside the vehicle is substantially impaired,” Thomas said.

Any driver in violation will be subject to a $25 fine. Thomas says you are responsible for your vehicle being legal to drive, not those installing your window tint.

“This is a safety issue as window tint greatly hinders your ability to see dangers, obstacles or other drivers, especially at night. It’s also difficult for other drivers to see if you’re looking at them or notice them at an intersection,” Thomas added.

Below are the state statute links regarding window tint on vehicles.

Nebraska Revised Statute 60-6,257:

Nebraska Revised Statute 60-6,259

Lincoln Municipal Code 10.22.080