LPS Board President Announces Cancer Diagnosis

LINCOLN–(KFOR Aug. 23)–Lincoln Public Schools Board of Education president Lanny Boswell during Tuesday night’s meeting said he has been diagnosed with tongue cancer and that he’s seeking medical treatment.

In a statement, Boswell said he’s confident that the treatment will lead to the best possible outcome. While his speech has been impacted, Boswell says he still is able to participate with Board work by using voice assistance technology.

Here’s the full statement from Boswell issued at Tuesday’s board meeting.

“I want to share with our community that I was recently diagnosed with tongue cancer. I am currently seeking medical treatment, and I am confident that the treatment plan I am working on with the oncologists will lead to the best possible outcome.

I appreciate the support of my board colleagues, district leadership, family, and friends during this difficult time.

While my speech has been impacted, I am still able to participate in Board work and communicate using voice assistance technology. Just like some of our students we serve at Lincoln Public School, I too am learning how to use the tools available to help me communicate. You will hear the device being used this evening when I vote on agenda items and participate in discussion.

I look forward to resuming my full duties as Board chair as I become more comfortable with this technology. Until then, I, Lanny Boswell, appoint and designate Kathy Danek as Chair Pro Tempore for tonight’s regular Board of Education meeting. ”

Lanny Boswell, President