The City and the Railroad Transportation Safety District (RTSD) are planning two public meetings for spring and summer to discuss potential designs for the railroad crossing project to be constructed at 33rd Street and Cornhusker Highway. Meeting dates are to be announced at

The RTSD has narrowed down the possible designs of the project to four, and the City has requested that the RTSD evaluate these designs further this spring to determine which will be the final blueprint. Once the preferred roadway alignment is selected, it will be brought forward to the City Council for comment and approval.

The spring meeting will highlight previous transportation concepts and gather public feedback on each of the four alternatives and the impacts they each have on various components.

The summer meeting will share the final design with the public and gather comments on all project aspects, such as safety, congestion and traffic delay, and improvement of mobility for motor vehicles, public transit, bicycles and pedestrians in the project area.

Individual meetings with property and business owners are also planned for the next six months.

After the final design is selected, the RTSD will further investigate the environmental impact and submit final design documents before construction begins.

For more information visit OR contact:

Roger Figard, RTSD Executive Director, at 402-525-5620 [email protected]

Kris Humphrey, RTSD Project Manager, at 402-326-1176 [email protected].

Paul Barnes, Long Range Planning Manager, at 402-441-6372 [email protected].