LINCOLN–(KFOR May 24)–Lancaster County Attorney Pat Condon, Lincoln City Attorney Jeff Kirkpatrick, and Chief Assistant City Attorney Jessica Kerkhofs announced the next Night Court which will be held May 30th and June 27th.

The first Night Court will be from 4:30pm to 7pm in Court Room 24 on the second level of the Justice and Law Enforcement Center.

Night Court is meant to provide greater access to the justice system to those individuals who cannot miss work to attend regular court session without risking termination of their employment or who may have child care conflicts during regular business hours.

Individuals with certain misdemeanor warrants can attend to address their warrant and not be taken into custody.  Misdemeanor warrants with a hold for court do NOT qualify for this and those individuals may be taken into custody.

Kirkpatrick says they hope that long term, this effort is saving taxpayer money.

“Because we can get some folks with warrants out there through the system, so we don’t have a situation where an officer pulls somebody over for a broken taillight and ends up taking them to jail,” Kirkpatrick added. “We don’t want that.  They certainly don’t want that.”

During the last night court event, 121 people with warrants were able to clear up warrants without being detained or going to jail.

People wanting to participate are encouraged to contact their attorney and to call the County Clerk at 402-441-8959.  Individuals with warrants can inquire to determine if they are eligible to have their warrant waived and notify the court they plan to attend.