No New Taxes Nebraska Announces Opposition to EPIC Tax Ballot Initiative

LINCOLN–(News Release Mar. 14)–Today, No New Taxes Nebraska officially launched its campaign to stop the EPIC tax. No New Taxes is a joint effort of over 40+ businesses and organizations from across Nebraska including the Nebraska Chamber, Nebraska Association of County Officials, the League of Municipalities and many more.

At the press conference spokespeople including former Senators Dan Hughes and Brett Lindstrom, Lynn Rex (Executive Director, League of Nebraska Municipalities), Bryan Slone (President, Nebraska Chamber), Marty Fattig (CEO, Nemaha County Hospital on behalf of Nebraska Hospital Association), Arla Meyer (President, Nebraska Realtors®), and Jalene Carpenter (President, Nebraska Health Care Association) discussed their opposition to the EPIC Tax ballot initiative.

“Property taxes in Nebraska are too high, but EPIC is not the solution,” said Hughes. “EPIC tax proponents claim a tax of 8% when studies have shown that a rate of 22.1 percent would be required just to be revenue neutral.”

“Nebraska would become one of the last places people and businesses would look to bring their tourism or business event dollars. By adding more than 20% to the cost of goods and services, we would be priced out of the competition compared to other states.” said Lindstrom.

League of Nebraska Municipalities Executive Director Lynn Rex touched on the elimination of local control EPIC would bring. “This plan would send all tax money to Lincoln for the State Legislature to decide how much is allocated to local communities just like they do with education funding. All concept of local control by your community over revenues or budgeting will be completely eliminated and shifted to Lincoln.”

Jalene Carpenter focused on EPICs impact on Nebraska’s seniors. “Seniors will be the hardest hit by the EPIC proposal. Imagine saving to be able to retire and if the costs increased by over 20%. How many more seniors would be forced to go on Medicaid and add to the state’s cost of providing services?” she said.

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