Pay increases spike applications to NDCS

December 22, 2021 (Lincoln, Neb.) – Pay increases have prompted a spike in applications to the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS), in particular, for positions that work most directly with the inmate population. Director Scott R. Frakes says preliminary data indicates significant interest, including from individuals who work outside of the state.

“We have had inquiries from at least 10 other states and have had potential recruits travel from California and Oklahoma to tour our facilities,” said Dir. Frakes. “In order to best accommodate those interests and fast track the hiring process, we are performing interviews and testing virtually. We are also giving new hires the opportunity to start working with the agency, prior to their scheduled training date.”

Since salary increases were first announced on November 10 for positions covered through the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), the agency has received more than 630 applications for corporal positions.   In the five weeks prior, the agency received 162 applications in those positions.

“Our two most recent classes at the Staff Training Academy (STA) are at capacity. Additionally, we are receiving significant interest from staff members who once worked for the agency and wish to return,” noted Dir. Frakes.

“Obviously, we are keeping closest tabs on the number of corporal positions, as they are the entry-level custody positions and are the greatest staffing need for our agency,” said Dir. Frakes. “All of the signs point to the potential to onboard a significant number of staff in the coming weeks and months. Not only that, but pay increases also have the potential to stem turnover and help keep seasoned team members here at NDCS.”

More than 50 new applicants have been referrals from existing team members. In addition to pay increases, NDCS continues to offer a $10,000 referral bonus, a $15,000 hiring bonus and other incentives to attract corporals, health care staff and those interested in other job classifications. Details on those offers can be found on the Careers page of the NDCS website:

“The needle is moving in the right direction. As we begin to onboard new hires and get them integrated into the daily operations of our facilities, we will see a more noticeable impact,” said Dir. Frakes. “We want people to know that NDCS and the state of Nebraska has its doors open to people seeking a career in correctional services. The opportunity is there. They just need to submit an application.”

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